Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council: Adoption of resolution on socio-economic development and inclusiveness in the EU through education

 Europe finds itself confronted with multiple and simultaneous societal challenges. Disparities between and within Member States continue to increase, resulting in long-term imbalances. In many countries youth unemployment remains alarmingly high and levels of educational attainment insufficient. The current refugee crisis poses considerable challenges to our societies and our education systems. It is our common duty to create an environment in which everyone’s talents thrive, regardless of background or origin. At the same time our societies face threats from increasing radicalisation, leading in some cases to violence and terrorism. This places additional emphasis on the important roles education and training play when it comes to promoting inclusiveness, active citizenship and common fundamental values, as set out in the Paris Declaration of March 2015.

The adoopted text from the 24th of February 2016 focuses on measures to ensure targeted investment in education and on how best to address skills gaps in order to restore jobs and promote sustainable economic growth in Europe. At the same time, it highlights the equally important role of education in promoting citizenship and social inclusion.

The EU-Kommission is asked to continue to promote - within the context of the Erasmus+ work programme for 2017 - any initiatives that respond to the challenges described in this Resolution, making full use of the opportunities provided under the existing programme. In addition, the mid-term review of the Multiannual Financial Framework provides an opportunity to consider how these challenges can be supported through different existing EU instruments - including the Erasmus+ programme - in the most effective way.

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